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60 years of service to the automobile industry

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car leather seat piping

Seat Piping

Seat piping (or welt) is used by trimmers to construct and create the seams between seat panels to give the seat shape and definition, providing a decorative design feature.

car leather seat pipingWe are specialist manufacturers of a full range of seat pipings to satisfy most requirements and we have been supplying the automotive industry for many years.

We produce covered piping in a full range of materials including fabric, vinyl, and skived leather. We also produce extruded PVC piping in most colours.

All our piping and piping cores are produced in house using Leedum’s or customer’s own materials.

We extrude all our own piping cores, both solid and hollow in a range of plastics to give varying degrees of softness and flexibility.

  • Our piping is available in most sizes from ‘Micropiping’ at less than 2mm. to seat piping of up to 6mm. Special projects are always considered
  • Many trimmers who have previously made their own piping have found it to be easier and more cost effective to allow Leedum to make it for them
  • Piping cores can be supplied from stock.

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