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60 years of service to the automobile industry

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Automotive Seat Compnents

Automotive Seat Components

Leedum supply many leading car manufacturers with internal seat components.

J Clip and other extrusions

We produce polypropylene extrusions employed in retaining covers to the metal seat frames. These components are available in a variety of profiles and lengths. Perforations and cut outs can also be provided.

Edge Tape and Listings

Edge tape strips consist of a folded pocket of needlepunch fabric or calico with a rigid or flexible core. They are designed to be sewn internally along the seam of seat covers. The strip is “hog ringed” onto wires in the seat foam. The cover is thereby attached to the seat.

We can supply these parts to your specification with of without perforations, notches etc.

Retention Clips

An alternative to retention wires in the seat foam, a strip of clips is embedded in the seat and connects with our edge tape providing an easy and secure way attaching the seat covers.

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